Who we are

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1. An ineffable fusion of red and blue working together towards a better government for us all.
Our Rallying Cry
Right now, all around the world democracy is in retreat. Autocratic governments are investing heavily in tech to control, subvert and oppress. If democracy does not make commensurate investments in tech to listen, understand and serve, we are going to have dystopian outcomes. To that end we are defining a new category of software…
An operating system for representative democracy.
There are 570k elected officials in the US that receive over 5.1b constituent messages per year…the core of the democratic user experience in America. The vast majority of reps and staffers use self-hosted antiquated legacy tools built decades ago or simple email to manage it all. As a result the average constituent response time for elected representatives nationally is 45 days. Not only is this tragic for our system of government but trust and votes are won or lost in every constituent interaction. We can do better.
Indigov has built a modern constituent service platform for government that has already reduced average response time from months to a matter of minutes/hours and given representatives unprecedented capabilities and data insights that are changing the way they do their jobs and structure their teams.
This is not a business, it is a rallying cry, a deeper purpose to strive to understand our government and make it more efficient through the application of purpose built technology.

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We are a group of technologists working to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and government
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